Reimagining Risk and Compliance.

A secure and innovative way to manage your compliance and risk management needs.

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String it all together.

Verity GRC helps you save time by showing you your compliance data and risk exposure all in one place.

Report on trends.

With Verity’s Dashboards, you can track present and historical data for your compliance and risk programs.

Customize access.

With Verity’s RBAC feature, you can control access by establishing simple or complex permissions based on your organization’s needs.

Collaborate globally.

Verity’s multilingual feature allows you to collaborate in any language, globally. Users can access the app in the language of their choice.

Partners you can trust.

As a team of experienced security practitioners, we can say “we’ve been there”. Compliance doesn’t have to be hard. We built Verity to make life easier and to help you fulfill your organization’s needs faster.

Your feedback matters to us.

Improved by you.

Verity continues to improve thanks to the feedback we’ve received from the risk and compliance community. Our user base requested Role-Based Access Control, Export to PDF and System Summary by Control, so we added it!

“We need a way to provide read-only access for auditing purposes.”

“We need to export to PDF for our reports.”

“We’d like a system summary by control.”


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Trusted by the Government of Canada

Verity is a trusted provider for the compliance needs of several Government of Canada clients.

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